High Quality SC-Cut

Today's sophisticated coded communications systems - Synchronization, Internet, Digital cellular telephone networks and Base Stations, Satellite communication, Military & Aviation Electronic systems (Radar, Communications and Electronic warfare), GPS-Navigation, Fiber-Optics, Telephone Switchboard and Broadband Communications - all demand the ultimate stability and extremely high precision performance provided by State of the Art OCXO’s, particularly under stringent environmental conditions. These conditions include aging, phase noise, shock, vibrations, fast warm-up, etc.

By focusing on the production of high precision cold-weld SC-Cut resonators, our main product, scientists at Nofech have engineered methods for optimizing the design of this key component in the ovenized crystal oscillator. These techniques are employed to achieve precision, reliability and quality at the cutting edge. Ongoing R&D at Nofech takes top priority, particularly in broadening our versatility and in responding to changes in the market.

Our expertise in Piezo Electric technology is based on accumulated experience and research of over twenty years in the field. To uphold the highest standards of quality in our SC-cut product, all stages of production management have merited the stamp of approval of ISO 9001:2000. OCXO manufacturers find in Nofech a special partner: the one company that provides the essential component of the OCXO without entering into direct competition with its customers. Nofech is an approved supplier to over 70% of OCXO manufacturers in the USA, Europe and the Far-East.

Ninety percent of Nofech production is comprised of SC-Cut crystals. At its present facilities, Nofech can produce up to 15,000 high precision resonators per month, including a wide range of experimental projects in SC, IT and AT-Cut crystals.

Our lead times are particularly efficient and pricing reasonable for almost all SC-Cut crystal projects within the range of Nofech specifications satisfying requirements on both small and large scale for commercial and military markets.

Nofech Standard Crystals: Frequency 4.096MHz to 60MHz 3rd overtone, 100MHz 5th overtone, custom made Turn-Over (TO) temperature, High Q, Custom made C1, Calibration (+/-1) – (+/-2) ppm at TO,
G-Sensitivity 1-2*109 per g.

Holders: HC-35/U (TO5), HC-35/U Low Profile (L/P), HC-37/U (TO8),
HC-37/U (L/P), HC-40/U, HC-40/U (L/P) and HC-43/U