Special Requirement SC-Cut

At Nofech, technology is constantly refined to meet the evolving requirements of a sophisticated new market. To lead the standard, it takes on the challenge of improving on the past in the manufacture of the highest quality product for each customer.
Nofech has the know how to design and manufacture SC-Cut Crystals in the frequency range of 4.096MHz to 60MHz 3rd Overtone and 100MHz 5th Overtone within its packaging range. On both small and large scales, challenging projects for specialized applications are welcomed and endowed with the expertise developed over twenty years of experience and research in Piezo Electrics. An in depth understanding of the field has culminated in scientific techniques implemented according to the quality management system fulfilling ISO 9001:2000 requirements.
Well-recognized for its outstanding technical support, Nofech constantly shares its insights with OCXO manufacturers in reaching solutions for the changing market.

While constantly engaged in R&D to upgrade the quality of its resonators, Nofech actually becomes part of its customers’ R&D team for helping create new designs of OCXO’s. Our innovative engineers, keeping the future in mind, are engaged in developing resonators with higher frequencies and smaller and more diversified packaging.

It is noteworthy that Nofech SC-Cut crystals have received acclaim from customers producing OCXO’s with extremely low aging and phase noise requirements. These resonators have achieved excellent aging levels of
2-3*10-10 per day and phase noise, particularly regarding our 5MHz and 10MHz projects (phase noise at 10Hz off carrier of 130-140dBc/Hz [frequency] for the 10MHz crystals and 140-150dBc/Hz for the 5MHz crystals).

Furthermore, Nofech can provide special narrow tolerances of parameters like Turn-Over Temperatures, Calibration at Turn-Over Temperatures and Motional Capacitance according to the particular needs of customers.

We embrace the opportunity to customize our one specialty – high precision cold-weld resonators – to meet your business needs, give you broader flexibility…to deepen your understanding and increase your market edge.