Twenty years of experience harnessed by Nofech. For the past twenty years, Dr. Armon, a physicist with broad experience in a wide range of fields, has dedicated his professional career to the development of precision in quartz crystal. In practical terms, Nofech Electronics has harnessed his know how, as its chief scientist, in the design and manufacture of SC-Cut crystal resonators.A scientist who labors at a task of invention or innovation can derive energy from the creative forces in nature. In the case of Dr. Hillel Armon, inspiration for his life work at Nofech Electronics was drawn from the sheer energy resonant within the confines of quartz crystal, a truly precious gem (in Hebrew, “nofech”) with far-reaching effects throughout our global village.

This in depth commitment to quartz crystal was first kindled during Dr. Armon’s years as Manager of the Quartz Division, followed by his rise to Chief Engineer of High Precision Quartz Crystal Division at an earlier company called TFL. He continued to explore the dynamics of crystals by offering consultation on several continents to leading producers of quartz products.

Encouraged to make an independent contribution, Dr. Armon, together with his partner/investor, Uri Finkelstein, applied the sum total of his scientific expertise and uncompromising ethical standards to the launching of a State of the Art manufacturing line of Quartz Crystal Resonators. Nofech Electronics, on a modest scale, came into being in 1994.

As the company grows in stature and size, other professionals at Nofech benefit from the care and expertise of Nofech’s expert team that account for the superior performance of its products.