Quality Assurance is an essential factor in Nofech’s manufacturing process. High precision quartz crystal resonators for OCXO’s are Nofech’s sole products, of which 90% are SC-Cut and the remaining, either IT-Cut or AT-Cut. These quality crystal resonators are produced in a computerized controlled process developed by Nofech in order to provide maximum production at low cost and optimally short lead times. From the intake of raw materials through the supply of high precision resonators to customers worldwide, the quality of all management systems at Nofech is fully approved by ISO 9001-2000 certified standards.

Nofech’s State of the Art facility has a manufacturing capacity of up to 15,000 high precision resonators each month. Utilizing its full crystal resonator fabrication equipment, Nofech’s manufacturing processes include all stages required in the production of high precision crystal resonators…from design to final testing.

All manufacturing processes at Nofech are computerized and quality control is processed throughout according to cutting edge test equipment.

Nofech Standard Crystals: Frequency 4.096MHz to 60MHz 3rd overtone, and 100MHz 5th overtone, custom made Turn-Over (TO) temperature, High Q, Custom made C1, Calibration (+/-1) – (+/-2) ppm, G-Sensitivity 1-2*109 per g.

Nofech Gold Line Crystals: 1. Higher Q for 5-13Mhz SC Crystals - Improved Stability & Lower Phase Noise. 2. Aging for 5-13Mhz SC Crystals in TO8 and HC-40/U packages - improved up to: 1*10-8 - 5 * 10-9 (P.Y.) 3. Low G_sensitivity (per quote)

Holders: HC-35/U (TO5), HC-35/U Low Profile L/P, HC-37/U (TO8),
HC-37/U L/P, HC-40/U, HC-40/U L/P, and HC-43/U.