Mission Statement

Excellence reaches its starting point at Nofech by fulfilling the ISO 9001:2000 standard requirements. With each customer and every project, the challenge is to improve on the past in producing the highest quality product in view of leading the market standard.

Integrity is not easily measured…nor is it confined to any one packaging. At Nofech it is an ongoing commitment. We do our utmost to achieve complete customer satisfaction. And integrity is at its best when it faces challenges: listening to the customer, responding to queries, sharing insights, making improvements. Technical assistance and support are our high priority…everyday.

Teamwork means that your partner succeeds…when you do. Nofech’s reasonable pricing and its best possible lead times increase its customers’ market edge. Yet manufacturers of OCXO’s know that the true performance of their product is based on the resonator. Its quality and precision make all the difference. It’s our job to ensure that our customers get what they need.

Underlying the success of Nofech is its teamwork. Its employees genuinely care about their work and about each other. The warmth and sense of well being that envelope our work place make good business…the best business, leading to involvement, innovation, and high standards in the company.
Our workers’ spirit imbues each stage of production with a concern synonymous with a supportive family: The Nofech Family, our policy.

Flexibility, particularly when customer requirements differ. Nofech welcomes the opportunity to accommodate differences, to customize within its capabilities to meet your business needs…to broaden your capabilities…to deepen your understanding and increase your market edge.And when those differences broaden, Nofech upgrades, alters and improves, according to its sophisticated know how. Having an edge on the market is mandatory for its customers, present and future.

Changing takes on a momentum of its very own. Its dynamic is directly linked to our “user friendly” customer service.
Growth can only take place with a solid base and profitability. Ensuring the fiscal stability of the company provides security to employee and customer alike in reaching high ground…and future breakthroughs.